I often get asked how I started with Forex trading.

How I started with Forex trading.

Hmm, let’s reminisce. I was consulting part time for a great company that sent me to an inspirational goal setting event.

During the event, I quickly realised that the goals I was setting for myself were too easy.

Soon after, I attended another inspirational event where a speakers was talking about foreign currency trading.

It piqued my interest and I was drawn to find out about how it could work for me as an investment strategy.

I immediately signed up for a weekend forex trading workshop where I learned FX wasn’t just an investment strategy, but a cash flow generating strategy as well.

So my new goal was born: Make money from foreign currency trading as my job.

After the forex workshop, the real learning began.

I loved unravelling the mystery forex trading presented. There was the researching followed by more workshops, coaching, finding the best risk management techniques and unblocking a lot of mindsets and beliefs.

What I love about foreign currency trading is being able to work 5 hours per week and profit from a market that can be going up or down.

How did you get into your business or what’s your next challenging goal?

Lenka Taylor

Forex Trader and Coach

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